Baby36 tagged Photos
A toddler in pink pajamas stands by a red ladder near a window, looking toward the camera
A baby with a humorous expression sits on a cushioned chair, sticking out their tongue and squinting one eye, dressed in a white top and pink pants
A baby wearing a cute bear hat looks surprised, wrapped snugly in a soft blanket
A toddler in a pink outfit with arms stretched upwards, looking slightly to the side, with a blurred background
A joyful toddler in pajamas is sitting on a couch, laughing with his mouth wide open
A toddler with a pensive expression, wearing a striped green shirt and a bib, sits in a high chair, hands crossed in front
A baby in a yellow outfit is on all fours on a floor, looking forward with a curious expression
A baby with a playful expression is lying on their stomach, propped up on their arms, wearing a white blouse and green pants with red socks. There's a green toy nearby, and the setting appears to be indoors with natural light coming in from the left
A toddler is being fed with a spoon by an adult's hand, with a slight smile on the child's face indicating enjoyment or contentment
A joyful baby with a big smile, wearing a pink bib over a cozy outfit, with eyes closed in a laugh or giggle
A baby wrapped in a soft, cream-colored blanket with a cute animal-eared hat looks sleepily at the camera
A smiling baby wrapped in a yellow towel is sitting in a pink basin, likely during or after bath time
A baby dressed in pink is lying on top of an adult, reaching out towards the camera, with a blurred background emphasizing the child
A baby with a joyful expression is biting a blue ball while wrapped in a pink blanket
A sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket, with a stuffed animal by its side
A smiling baby dressed in a yellow outfit with cute animal ears on the hood, sitting against a window
A baby with a serious facial expression, wearing a bib and patterned clothing, appears to have just eaten, as suggested by the reddish residue around the mouth
A baby sitting on the floor wearing a patterned outfit with a slightly puzzled expression, one hand raised
A baby with a serious expression, wearing a pink garment adorned with cartoon bears
A baby sits on a patterned mat, looking curiously at a yellow toy in their hand, with other toys hanging above. The child is wearing a onesie adorned with clouds and pink sock shoes
A baby wearing oversized sunglasses lies on a patterned blanket, exhibiting a look of surprise or fascination
An upside-down close-up of a baby's face, with a focus on the eyes and open mouth
A sleeping baby is lying on their side with a stuffed animal close to their hand, all on a light-colored background, possibly a crib or bed
A baby with fingers in mouth wearing a sleeveless outfit with pink patterns, lying on a white background